Chairman’s Message

It is with great pleasure we introduce our company through the profile in your hand. The following pages summarize our past experience, affiliations, present ventures, future goals and capabilities. Tanareefa Trading, contracting & transport is proud in claiming that with the association of the competitive companies in the same field, have benefitted from their association, shared expertise, development, growth and progress.

Tanareefa trading, contracting & Transport was established in the year 1996 in Qatar. In the recent past, with its excellent and hard team effort, company has moved to the ranks of one of the leading and most significant name among the clients and in the market for its service and growth.

When I look back, in spite of the tough times that we encountered in this journey of 15 years, we believe that we have successfully reached a benchmark of self-assurance, respect and dignity. Our strength is based on the high technical staff, financial stability and far reaching contacts in the length and breadth across the land and above all, a team spirit that allows us to aspire and inspire for same goals and achievements.

Good leadership is ineffective without dedicated staff and it is appropriate on the occasion of our fifteenth anniversary for me to express my gratitude for the unswerving loyalty and commitment to all staff at all levels, past and present, as well as our Bankers and Partners, who have all brought the company to its present success.

We are grateful for your interest in Tanareefa Trading, contracting & Transport. With our commitment guided by our inherited culture and progressive approach, we will continue to play its role in the economic and social development of Qatar into the future.


Tanareefa Trading, Contracting & Transport, CEO