Safety is the integral part of Tanareefa’s work. It is the company’s goal to reduce risks to employee’s safety and health to an absolute minimum. We have a competent network of Safety officers and employees, working hand in hand to the utmost levels of safety and excellent work management.

Safety is the primary focus of our working fundamentals. We strive daily to implement new fundamentals, to increase the safety of our employees. Our employees hold esteemed values in the working environment. For the utmost priority of our clients, safety goes before every step of our work.

Tanareefa has proven that projects can be completed on time without sacrificing safety. Our health and safety objectives are simple: the prevention of all accidents, injuries and illnesses; compliance with statutory requirements and industry codes; and setting the standards for Qatar’s best health and safety performing companies.

                    “Safety is not our commitment, it is our life”.

      Safety Rules:

  • Responsibility
  • Incident Reporting & Investigation
  • Accident Investigation
  • Emergency Response
  • First Aid
  • House Keeping
  • Safety and warning equipments and signs
  • Vehicle inspection and safety
  • Working on or near rail road equipments
  • Working near traffic area    
  • General Electric Rules
  • Material substitution
  • Radiographic work and Radioactive materials
  • Compressed air use Equipments.